How to decorate your cardboard dolls house


Once you have made a basic dolls house from a cardboard box it is time to get creative. I got my toddler involved in the first one below, just painting the background white. We then printed off some wallpapers and floors for a couple of the rooms from Jennifer’s Printables, an extensive source of dolls house stuff.

Cardboard dolls house

Cardboard dolls house



It was all looking great until my husband stuck Pedro the Pony on my Voysey wallpaper.

Download your own free wallpaper from hintyprint
Hintyprint wallpapers

You can now download some exclusive hintyprint wallpaper pdfs from our printables and patterns page.

We have three different designs on offer, a gorgeous Voysey wallpaper from the 1920s – The House that Jack Built, reproduced with kind permission from Trustworth Studios. We have made their full-sized version mini just so it will be cardboard dolls house scale. Be sure to visit their site and check out all the other Arts and Crafts items they have for sale.

Then we have bricks for an exposed brick wall look and mixed tiles for a bathroom or a floor.

Here is a little taster of some decorating inspiration to come in a future post. Literally straight from the pages of Country Life magazine.

Magazine dolls house


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